Gift Bundles


Our Gift Bundles are the perfect addition to your Christmas gift wrap, wreaths, tree trim and stocking stuffers. These ribbon sets are comprised of plant-dyed silks and cottons, as well as recycled and repurposed materials. Each ribbon has been hand torn to create a natural, frayed edge, then sorted into our Christmas color schemes.

Evergreen Bundle (photo no. 1)
Pink Fir Bundle (photo no. 2)
Gold Tinsel Bundle (photo no. 3)
Snowflake Bundle (photo no. 4)
Cranberry Bundle (photo no. 5)

Bundles contain a minimum of 7 yards of ribbon. Each ribbon varies in size, ranging from widths of 1/4 to 1 inch and lengths of 1 to 3 yards. Images represent the color palette, but each ribbon set varies.