About Us

Native Ribbon Co. first began in the Spring of 2019. The idea to make sustainably dyed ribbons came from working alongside Courtney Di Trolio, owner of Winsome Floral. Watching her gorgeous pairings of bridal bouquets with flowy ribbon was what started this idea, that turned into a passion, and finally became Native Ribbon Co. Ever since that experience we have been pulling color from nature and infusing them into hand ripped, plant dyed ribbons. Native Ribbon Co. is centered around this process. We extract colors from natural, plant-based organisms, to create living colors that have depth and nuance. The end result, is Native Ribbon Co.

“The culture we live in is all about immediacy and rapid consumption. I’ve been feeling a big pull towards a slower, more ethical approach, so plant dyes are the perfect solution to the type of product I want to put out there. My products are eco-friendly and have no harsh chemicals in them, producing an outcome that has beautiful colors and safe dyes. There’s something so gratifying about taking something like leftover wedding flowers, onion skins, or avocado pits that would usually get thrown away and coaxing them into the prettiest shades of pinks and yellows. Thank you for joining our cause and partnering with us in this sustainable, ethical approach to ribbon dyeing." 

- Britney Kujawa