Q: What's the shipping cost and time frame?

A: All orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days. The cost of shipping is $6, unless it's a much larger order or calls for expedited shipping (expediting typically costs $30). If you are rushed for time and would like your ribbon expedited please select that option at checkout. 


Q: What if the color I need is sold out? 

A: All of our ribbons are plant-dyed in small batches. If the color you need is sold out please contact us about the possibilty of making more. 


Q: How much ribbon do I need for my invitation suites?

A: To comfortably tie a small bow around a standard 5x7 inch invite allow for 21 inches per invite. With these dimensions one of our typical 3 yard rolls will get you 5 invitations.


Q: How much ribbon do I need for a bouquet? 

A: This is personal preference, but on average, our typical 3 yard rolls of ribbon work beautifully for a bridal bouquet. Go with a larger width for a fuller look. If you'd like longer tails use two rolls of 3 yard ribbon layered and staggered. For shorter tails on bridesmaid bouquets allow for 1.5 yards per bouquet. 


Q: What ribbon width is best for boutonnieres? 

A: The half inch size is the most popular choice for boutonnieres. 


Q: What's the difference between silk twine and half inch ribbon? 

A: The difference between the two is that silk twine is slightly less than 1/2 inch and is left unpressed and sometimes has more fraying, whereas 1/2 inch is a standard width and is pressed before packaging. 


Q: What is the best way to iron my ribbons?

A: We press and roll the ribbons prior to shipping but we realize that sometimes they will need to be pressed again. The best way to do this is by using a hair product-free straightener or an iron on a low setting for silk (no hotter than 300 F) and a higher setting (around 400 F) for cotton.