$35.00 - $95.00

Our Bias Cut Silk comes on ribbon spools in our popular bridal colors Champagne (bottom), Peach (middle) and Sand (top), as well as White. Each of these silk satin spools are about 2 inches wide by 4 yards in length, making them a yard longer than all of our other ribbon rolls.

Bias cut means they are cut at a diagonal angle, rather than following the straight line of the weave. This technique is used by gown designers because of how it causes the silk to fall with a natural, soft drape. Due to this diagonal cut, each roll will have seams every couple of yards. They also have a raw edge with less fray than our typical hand ripped ribbons.

Use each color ribbon individually, or pair them together for a fuller look. You can also keep them extra long at 4 yards with plenty of length for a full bow or you can cut each roll in half at 2 yards and tie without a bow.

Due to the plant dyeing process, our ribbons have delicate nuances that make each one special. The silk texture and sheen of our ribbon delicately flows with the movement of blooms in a bouquet. Our small batch ribbons are made with care, ethically sourced, and inspired by nature. Each color is the result of tireless work and experiments to get the perfect soft hue to compliment a florist's masterpiece.